Arthur, 17.
Favourite colour: Orange
Reading Comics
Favourite Superhero: Green Lantern
Plays video games often
Favourite Music: Drum and Bass


“Super Shot”
by kit-kit-kit


Super Shot

by kit-kit-kit

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Resident Evil Max Grecke.


Resident Evil 4.
by Max Grecke.


I’ve changed myself for so many people, just to make them happy. And along the way I’ve lost who I am.

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Anna konnte kaum die Kamera still halten vor Lachen und am Schluß des Films knurrt auch noch der Toypudel böse vor sich hin! 

What are they? Dogs? Wolves?

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They’re not wolves, but they *may* be wolfdogs. It’s hard to say from this footage alone. They look like bigger, heavier-boned versions of the Czechoslovakian wolfdog (a breed which does have recent wolf ancestry, but which is so far removed from its pure wolf ancestors that it is typically considered a domestic dog). 

If they do have any wolf in them, it’s very little. Nothing about them stands out as exceptionally “wolfy” to me. They’ve got pointed ears, hefty build, very prominent stops to their brows, etc. The howling behavior is something that MANY dogs do - including Cabal, my GSD, and Diamond and Shentea, my husky/malamutes - and should not be considered a behavior indicative of wolf content.